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Print magazine, published on the 27th September 2023


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Nineteenth issue of the magazine about weddings and celebrations. We usually ship in 3-7 business days.

The fall issue of MILE revolves around the theme of attraction. Is it not she who brings together the opposites and ensures the eternal connections of the planets with their moons? The attraction of the earth can disappear at the right moment so that we can float on the wings of love, and it undoubtedly made an impression at the beginning of all six authentic wedding stories that we present in this issue. Get inspired and treat your guests to an appetizer in the form of cream buns, like Roberta and Jana did!

Custom wedding dress? We can help you find them. And if you are not currently planning a wedding, but are planning on going to one, our gift ideas will really come in handy. And if there is not even a hint of a wedding in sight, treat yourself to a trip and go with us to the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Brno or to places of unsuspected architectural gems from the Rare Places guide.